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Outstanding Articles for
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Below is an ever-growing collection of articles you may find useful when addressing your online campaign and other parts of your business.

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Password Protection 101
Every year thousands of computers are illegally accessed because of weak passwords. Here are examples of weak passwords and a way to fix them. More >>

Web Site Design Versus Functionality
One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when establishing an Internet presence is in the design of their site. Here are some of the issues you absolutely must consider if you are serious about using your Web site to help you generate revenue for your business. More >>

Top 10 Design Mistakes To Avoid
Designing a web site for your business is not as easy as you might think. Here are what we consider some of the worst mistakes that could damage your reputation, possibly kill your business and how to avoid them. More >>

The Anatomy of a Professional and Secure E-Commerce Web Site

You may request the entire series in one huge article, or pieces at a time. (Please see below for more information.)

Part 1
Part one covers some of the basics required for any web site used as a marketing tool. This includes "housekeeping content" and a way to respond to common inquiries about your product or service. More >>

Part 2
In order to be successful in business, you better have good customer support. Part two discuss customer support requirements for your business and how it effects your credibility. This part also dives into what you should look for in a shopping cart solution, including scalability and transaction calculations. More >>

Part 3
If you want to make your customers happy, you better make sure they can get what they want in as little time as possible. Part three discusses how a search facility can put money in your pocket and three ways to get your customers to checkout faster. More >>

Part 4
Part four discusses the support you should look for when selecting a shopping cart solution, the definition of a "payment gateway" and how it can make or break your business. More >>

Part 5
Part five discusses transaction security — which is unfortunately often overlooked. It gives an example of how you can be faced with major losses if your web site is not set up and maintained correctly, and provides tips on how to reduce the chances of this happening to you. More >>

Part 6
Part six is the last and final part of this series. It is an extension of part five. It provides tips on how to keep yourself from accepting fraudulent transactions. More >>

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